Expanding the mind making it more aware of things above (heavenly things)


Growing in your experience with Jesus Christ.


Who you are here upon the earth.



Dates:  March 6th thru May 28th 2016

Location:  23620 Road 180, Lindsay CA 932457



General Info

Come and join the Revolution. We believe we are entering into the greatest time in the history of the WORLD. We have been called to raise up reformers that carry the heart beat of Jesus and passion of the first Century Church. We believe we are in the final stages of revival that will carry Love Himself within.

Cost of Tuition:  $1,500.00

                        REGISTRATION FEE:  $25.00

Teachers:   Frances Brower

                        Mary Sybesma

                        Laurel LeGras

                        David Ramirez

                        Karina Hernandez

Speakers:    TBA



TSBKC will help to arrange housing in Lindsay.  Our desire is that students live in community (Example: Men's home/Women's home).   Your rental cost will depend on the amount of students in each location.


Sunday Service

Come join our church family at 11am as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all things!

Wednesday Service

Come and just “BE” you in the midst of family as we gather, fellowship, feast, and worship our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Family Prayer

Gather with us as we pray for the Kingdom of God to manifest within each other, our ministry, the region, and the Global Church.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.